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Not Your Average Week in Dental Billing

When you picture how experts in dental billing and accounts receivables spend an average week in November, does it include snorkeling and gourmet lunches? 


Maybe you’ve been spending your vacations with the wrong dental billing experts. (Or not enough in general). And maybe it’s time that you caught up with how we spent a few days in November in late 2022.

The Versa Team’s First Annual Company Retreat

Last November, the Versa team packed up and went to Cancun, Mexico for something of a working retreat. This was our first annual company retreat—but based on our experiences, it’s fair to say that this isn’t a tradition that we plan on going away any time soon.

It started on Wednesday, November 9th. Yes, there was some work involved. Emails, claims, and scans—if you’re in the dental billing industry, you know the drill. (Sorry. Little bit of a “dental billing” pun for you. Can you see what a good mood we’re in?)

We met up at the Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort—which was every bit as swanky and luxurious as it sounds—and after a brief walk, all caught up in the lobby. From there, it was time for a team lunch at La Alhabmra at the resort, followed by a little team-building. 

(Note: how do we define “team building” at Versa? Beach volleyball. Fancy drink competition. Water sports. ‘Nuff said?)

From there, there was an ample supply of free time, which is our favorite kind of time, and an optional team dinner. But since we wanted a relaxed atmosphere, we kept that dinner fully optional—after all, there’s nothing like a little “me” time to cap off a day in paradise.

“Is This What You Call Work?”

Thursday was the second “main” day in Cancun. This brought another work session—emails, claims, scans, easy-peasy. Thanks to a hotel suite with WiFi packed in, it was easy to do our work remotely. It’s a funny feeling looking out onto the blue waters and skies of Cancun while getting your dental billing work done indoors. 

Kind of makes this whole “dental billing” stuff kind of easy, to be honest.

But Thursday wasn’t going to be just another day at the office. After the a.m. work session, we went on to another team building activity. Drumroll, please…

…are you drumrolling?…

…a session of catamaran sailing and snorkeling touring—with an open bar included. 

After all, nothing quite builds a team quite like sharing a ship together. You learn how to navigate together, how to handle a catamaran, how to—okay, maybe it’s not exactly all business, but it’s definitely a great way to bond.

Thursday also brought a lot of rest and relaxation, with a long free time session and a farewell dinner. That brought us to Friday—the travel home day. And like it or not, there does eventually come a time when you have to go home.

What We Did in Our Winter Vacation

What can you say about our Cancun trip? That’s not a rhetorical question. You can say all sorts of great things. Not only did our team come closer together than ever, but we had some of the best food and drink that side of the border. 

The food was terrific. Everything from authentic French fine-dining to the Pizzeria Il Peccato, an Italian joint. Mexican antojitos, fresh seafood, an Asian-infused menu at Mercado de Delores—you can practically hear the sizzling even now.

Would we do it again? Absolutely. Of course, business back here still beckons us home. But there’s nothing like getting out of the office and doing work in a completely different location to recharge the batteries.

Was it the average week in dental billing? Maybe not. But at Versa, we were never concerned with doing things the average way. 

And the same applies to the work we do at the office. Versa Solutions’ work hard, play hard mentality shows up in the high standards in everything we do. Even if it’s just an ordinary week in November. 

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