It’s Time To Watch Your Collections Grow!

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Our dynamic team at Versa Solutions has two goals: to secure you the collections that you deserve and to give you back the time to practice the art of dentistry. We are able to provide business services to dental clinics remotely resulting in substantial savings to the office. In addition, in house staff will have more time to focus on answering phone calls, greeting patients, planning treatment and so on. Whether it’s insurance billing, patient accounting, ledger audits, or insurance etiquette training, we are here to support you and your staff.

Our billing specialists are located across the country so your outstanding claims are being researched hours before you open and long after you close. We always remain current and up- to- date with any ADA code modifications, billing policies, and insurance company changes. Our cost-effective method is proven to bring your practice regular cash flow without excessive write-offs and unnecessary overhead. Stop drowning in A/R and watch your collections grow!


Versa Solutions has always worked with the latest in technology to provide our clients with the safest and most secure method of accessing your workstations.  We also offer virtual consultations for your convenience.

By outsourcing to Versa Solutions, you are working to create a supportive atmosphere for your team to flourish and provide your patients the best possible care

Insurance Billing

Our billing specialist will submit  insurance claims on your behalf with all the required attachments for remittance. As EOBs arrive at your office, we will promptly post payments and accurately make needed adjustments to your patient’s ledgers.

We work to close all claims in a timely manner. If you received a denied claim, our team will appeal it with any additional information provided to us by the office. All outstanding claims are researched at the 30-day mark!

We communicate regularly with your office manager including sending daily, weekly, and monthly reports and operate as an extension of your team. Our promise to you is that we will always use the most efficient and cost-effective option available, saving you time and money!

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Claims Made Easy

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30-Day Claims Research Trigger

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Customizable Reporting Options

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EOB Management

Virtual Services

What’s it like having Versa Solutions handle your A/R? Think of our service as hiring an outstanding assistant office manager who is paid based on how much they make you, never takes a vacation or gets sick, doesn’t require medical insurance, totally eliminates the threat of embezzlement, and has a great attitude! We can go on and on. Outsourcing your billing needs with Versa Solutions is designed to be of a greater value to your practice than hiring an employee.

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Patient Accounting & Statements

Every office is assigned a dedicated phone line with the same local area code as your practice. One of our highly-qualified team members will be there to answer all your patients’ questions regarding any billing-related issues. We endeavor to settle any remaining balances with your office directly and offer to contact patients or send account statements on your behalf.

Versa Solutions team members recognize that we represent your office and always work to provide your customers with an exceptional experience!

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Patient Ledger Audits

Mistakes can lead to lack of trust from your patients and negatively impact their experience at your clinic. Ensure your patient’s ledgers and balances are accurate by allowing one of Versa Solutions team members to act as your second set of eyes and review them today.

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Insurance Etiquette Training

Properly trained staff can help you implement office payment policies, avoid costly billing mistakes, and bring more money into your clinic with accurate estimates. Whether you are looking to train a new hire or introduce better billing practices, Versa Solutions Insurance Training Etiquette can guide your staff in-person or remotely!

Our Solutions. Your Results.

How will your office dynamic change after we create a healthy A/R? For the better.
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Collections Will Increase While A/R Decreases

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Regular Cash Flow For Practice Expenses

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Focus On The Art Of Dentistry Once Again

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