It’s Time To Watch Your Collections Grow!


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Do I need to purchase any special equipment to start?

Nope! Besides the normal equipment you may already have (workstation, scanner, internet, etc.), we’ll be good to go!

What's the sign-on fee and what does that include?

Our implementation fee is $250.00. This includes all of the backend tasks to get your office onboarded. We also work with your software to update all fee schedules, preferences, and settings. We will even begin cleaning up duplicate employers and insurance carriers found in the practice management software. This is all done to promote a healthy working environment to expedite claims processing and payment to your office.

Can I just sign up for the Patient Accounting Feature?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the Patient Accounting Feature as a standalone service. You must be enrolled in the Dental Insurance Billing Feature first.

My dental office has closed. Can we still sign up to collect what is still outstanding from insurance and patients?

Yes! We are now offering a clean-up service for dissolved businesses. An agreed upon flat rate would be due before services begin.

How long does it take to sign up?

We can typically fully onboard an office within 2 weeks. Some have been able to begin services within 2 days of contacting us!

What is the monthly technology fee?

The monthly technology fee ($149.99) is standard for all clients and covers all technology, reporting, and support involved with having you as a client on a monthly basis.

Who will be working on my accounts?

Two to four Versa Solutions trained Account Managers will be assigned to your practice. Our rigorous screening process allows us to find honest, efficient, and precise employees who have years of experience in the dental field with a special focus on A/R. You’re getting the best of the best!

Is your connection secure?

Absolutely! The methods we use to connect and communicate are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

How should we communicate with our Versa billing team?

We send daily, weekly, and monthly reports that you can “Reply all” to ensure your entire Versa Team receives your requests. You can also reach us by phone at (855) 889-1115. Your Versa team members have individual extensions.

What remaining insurance tasks do my front desk staff need to do if we hire you?

With our dental insurance billing feature, your staff will need to ensure all new incoming patient information is correctly entered in your practice management software. This includes insurance information and a benefit breakdown, if applicable. After all services are rendered for the patient, the claim will need to be created and put into the batch. Your Versa Team will take it from there and ensure full payment from the insurance company for the claim. If you are enrolled in our Patient Accounting Feature, we will contact the patient by statements and phone calls to settle the bill with your office directly. Look at all that time you will be saving!